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How to choose a face mask in colors that fits your outfits

Are you looking for a face mask color that suits you? These days we are wearing a face mask every single day. So the color of the mask must suit you. Because if the color doesn’t suit you, it’s difficult to feel comfortable. While choosing a color, you should not only focus on your favorite color. There are more things you should consider. The color of the mask should suit your skin, your eye color, and your hair. It’s also important that the color of your mask suits your clothes. You should know that colors interact with each other. Similar colors and shades can look really good together. So if you like to wear blue shirts, why not go for a blue mask? Another thing that looks really good is colors that are directly opposite to each other. These colors are called complementary colors. This means another face mask color that would suit your blue shirt would be orange. It’s a bright and very friendly color. So if you wish to appear friendly, get an orange face mask. Other great combinations if you wish to use complementary colors are black and white, violet and yellow, red and green.

Why not use the mask as an eye-catcher?

The color of your face mask can turn a necessary health item into a fashion piece. The face mask can become a real eye-catcher if you choose the right color. Everybody will see that you have a lot of styles if you create a visual balance between your mask, your eyes, and your outfit. If you wear khaki pants and light yellow shirt, it will look great to combine this with a khaki-colored face mask. If your style is rather conservative analog colors might be the right choice for you. You can combine blue with shades of teal and indigo. These colors will look most harmonious with each other. So you can wear the same color for your whole outfit, including your face mask. While doing this, you just need to take care that the gear doesn’t become boring.

What color type are you?

Maybe you heard of different color types when it comes to skin color. If you already know your season, it’s much easier to find the right color for your face mask. Just wear the colors that are good for your skin, eye, and hair color. What does this mean for people who don’t know what their season is? Maybe you not even heard of the concept. So let’s go a bit deeper into choosing the colors for your face mask. What color does your skin have? Do you have a very light or even pale complexion, or do you have darker skin? If your skin is very pale, don’t get a face mask that is white, yellow, beige, or pastel. With this color, you probably will look even paler. So no good idea. With light skin, it is better to go for a mask in dark red, violet, or brown. Is your skin rather dark do the opposite. If you wear too many dark colors, this doesn’t look great on dark skin. Use light colors for your mask to create a nice contrast to your skin color. People with olive skin, on the other hand, can wear most colors. They can wear light colors, like yellow and white. Face masks in black and other dark colors can suit people with olive skin as well. Also, take your eye color into consideration when buying a new face mask. If you have brown eyes, a face mask in lavender or blue can look really good. With blue eyes, a face mask in terracotta, bronze, or purple can look stunning. Also, a beige mask can look good with blue eyes. A purple mask can also look great with green eyes. Another fantastic color for green eyes is pink. A pink face mask makes your green eyes really shine.

Be ready to test different colors

Even with a lot of knowledge about your skin type and colors that suit you best, be prepared to test different colors. To wear a face mask is still something new for us. It’s a huge difference to choose a new shirt, a dress, or a face mask. So if you wish to use masks as a fashion accessory, try to wear masks in different colors. Probably we have to wear these face masks for a while. So it’s better to get to used them and wear them with style. Therefore, why not do some experiments with different colors and shades. Make selfies or stand in front of a mirror to check what color looks best on you. Check which face masks suits best with your different outfits. Ask yourself: Does this face mask color look great with my skin, my eyes, and my outfit? And don’t forget to ask yourself: Does this face mask work for the occasion you’re wearing it. This way you will find out very quickly what the best choice is. Only because we are supposed to wear a face mask does not mean that we all need to look the same. It’s also a difference when and where you wear your face mask. In a business environment, your face mask should have the other color than in your leisure time. The best is you get a selection of colors so you can always look great. If getting a choice of face masks in different colors is not within your budget, it’s best to go with rather neutral colors. This can be black, white, blue, or khaki. Look at your clothes and choose a color for your mask that suits most of your clothes. Also, keep in mind that some colors don’t go well together. Don’t wear black and brown together. Another bad combination is brown and grey or brown and khaki. Black and dark blue are also not so lucky fit.

What would be good color combinations?

Are you still unsure how to combine your outfits with a face mask? Here are some ideas:

  • Match the color of your face mask with the color of your shoes
  • Match the color of your face mask with your belt or your bag
  • Wear jeans with a white shirt and a blue face mask
  • Wear brown pants with a white shirt and a brown mask
  • Wear a green dress with red shoes and a red face mask
  • Combine khakis with an orange shirt a khaki mask

One more thing if you’re unsure: A face mask in a solid color is more comfortable to combine than a face mask with a pattern. And a benefit of face mask in color in comparison to a completely white face mask is that you will always know which color is inside and outside. What can be nice is choosing the color of your mask according to your mood. Yellow is the color of the sun. So when you enter the room with a yellow mask, you will get bright up the whole room. On the contrary, a skin color face mask might make you look invisible. If you go for a face mask in peach color or lavender, this can emphasize your feminine side. These colors will give a very soft look. A face mask in gold color can look great on people with dark skin or on blondes with blue eyes. A light green color reminds of spring, while a face mask in darker green is a color of money and wealth. Olive makes a good color for a neutral mask, just like black, blue, and white.