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Black Face Masks

A face mask in black always looks great. If you want to look elegant shop a plain black mask with your monogram. Want something more playful? Then take a look at the black hearts, the black skulls or the black floral masks.

Black Face Mask customized with monogram

    Grey Face Masks

    With all the different shades of grey, a grey face mask can look even more elegant than a black one. Especially a combination of the colors light grey and soft pink looks gorgeous. For a business outfit, grey paisleys are stunning.

    Grey face mask with rose elephants

      Brown Face Masks

      Brown is a decent color for a face mask. From soft beige to caramel or chocolate brown this color is rather suitable for somebody who prefers to stay in the background. A brown face mask is also suitable for a rather conservative business environment.

      Brown cloth face mask with pattern

        Green Face Masks

        Green is the color of nature, of hope, and the color of wealth. While an apple green face mask will look young and fresh an emerald green mask looks mature and affluent. Sportsmen might like to shop a green camouflage masks. Girls might like green bubbles.

        Green cloth face mask with golf balls

          Blue Face Masks

          The color of the ocean and the sky. Most people will like a mask in the color blue because almost everybody likes this color. Blue stripes are for a maritime look. Together with a red, white, or blue shirt, this will give you the perfect holiday outfit. Shop now one of these blue masks.

          Face Mask with blue and white stripes anchor

            Azure Face Masks

            One of the shades of blue is azure. This is the color of a holiday in the Caribbean. A fun pattern is just right for this breezy color.

            Azure blue face mask

              Pink Face Masks

              Is there any more feminine color than pink? Shop a face mask in pink for your girlfriend, for your sister, or for yourself. Every girl and every woman will look fabulous in this soft color. Take a look at the huge collection of pink masks. You are going to find bright pink masks as well as softer shades in rose.

              Pink face mask in soft pink and pineapple pattern

                Red Face Masks

                Do you wish to be noticed? Then shop a red face mask. Red can be cute and it can also be aggressive. The effect of this color depends on the pattern and the combination with other colors. No matter what the effect is, red will never be boring.

                Red face mask with red dots

                  Purple Face Masks

                  A face mask in purple is special. Either you love this color or you hate it. As you see in the picture below purple can look elegant and masculine. But usually purple is rather a color women like to wear. Especially softer shades of purple like lavender look quite feminine.

                  masculine cloth face mask with purple and blue stripes with insert slot for filter

                    Orange Face Masks

                    Do you wish to look kind and friendly? Shop an orange face mask. Orange is the color of communication and joy. It’s the color that unites yellow and red. So with an orange face mask, you can be sure to get enough attention but in a much more sunny way than with a red mask.

                    Orange face mask with dots and flower made from cotton

                      Khaki Face Masks

                      Khaki is an earthy color. It’s a mixture of green and beige. It’s a nice color for the outdoors. If you want to go hiking or camping shop a khaki face mask. In this color, you will look like a handsome sporty guy.

                      reusable khaki camouflage face mask cotton with insert slot for filter

                        Pastel Face Masks

                        A face mask in pastel colors is great for girls and women. Pastel colors are very soft colors that let your skin glow. Your whole appearance will be softer with pastel colors.

                        Face mask with floral design in pastel colors

                          Yellow Face Masks

                          Be the sunshine. In times of Corona we all need some sunshine. Wear a mask in one of the most friendly colors. It’s even possible to personalize these masks.

                          yellow cotton face mask customized with your name reusable with insert slot for filter

                            White Masks

                            White stripes, white paisleys, white dots, white floral, white skulls & much more.

                            white cotton face mask with cute little kittens reusable with insert slot for filter

                              Golden Face Masks

                              A face mask with golden elements will look quite elegant. How about a black mask with golden hearts? If you want a feminine theme look at the floral themes in gold or the mandalas. All these designs look amazing in gold.

                              black cloth face mask with golden hearts

                                Zodiac Face Masks

                                Astrology fans will love these Zodiac face masks. No matter what star sign you are you will find a very unique cloth face mask with your sign on it. These masks also make a great birthday gift.

                                brown zodiac face mask scorpio in brown and gold reusable with insert slot for filter

                                  Women’s Masks

                                  Get the best masks for women. For your Mom, your grandma, your sister, a friend, or just for yourself. No matter if you’re looking for a just married mask, a bag with handbags or shoes.

                                  Mom face mask in white and pink

                                    Children’s Masks

                                    For kids, life has become tough due to the Coronavirus. Children are not made for social distancing and not every child wants to wear a face mask. For parents, it can be challenging to convince the little ones to wear a mask. Make it a fun experience by letting them wear something funny. How about a mask with a T-Rex, a wizard, some donuts, or the galaxy? I’m sure they will love these masks.

                                    dinosaur t-rex face mask for children in green yellow red

                                      Men’s Masks

                                      Make him a present and shop a cloth face mask for your hubby, your dad, or your brother. In this collection, you are going to find masks with funny themes he will love.

                                      face mask for men barbecue grill king customized

                                        UK City Masks

                                        UK City Pride Masks for London, Oxford, Gloucester, and many more cities in the UK

                                        UK flag face mask keep calm & social distancing

                                          Masks with Asian cities

                                          Show some patriotism by wearing a face mask with a flag or a symbol from a city you love. In this category, you find masks for Asian cities like Bejing, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, and many more.

                                          Cotton cloth face mask china red gold

                                            Masks with Australian cities

                                            Is there anybody who does not dream of traveling to Australia? Unfortunately, Covid-19 makes us stay at home. So let’s get some of these beautiful masks with Australian cities.

                                            reusable australian face mask koala bear

                                              Find thousands of individual Face Masks on MASKSUMO

                                              On you are going to find thousands of individual face masks. You will even find a face mask you will like to wear. While you will not be able to buy these face masks on each and every picture will link to the shop where you can buy your custom face mask.

                                              MASKSUMO is an affiliate website and every time you buy one of the masks I will get a small percentage. You will have no additional cost because of this.

                                              More than 7.5 million confirmed cases of the Coronavirus

                                              The reason why we wear Face Masks is obvious. According to John Hopkins University there is a total of 7.5 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus. People have been infected all over the world. More than 423.000 people died worldwide because of COVID-19. The highest rates of death are found in the US, UK, Brazil, and Italy. And the numbers are still increasing.

                                              As we cannot stay in quarantine forever we need to learn to live with COVID-19. We need to go to the supermarket where people sometimes get too close. We use elevators breathing the same air as other people and standing way too close to each other. Many of us need to use public transportation. This may be even more dangerous because we spend a lot of time there together with strangers not knowing if any of them has the Corona Virus.

                                              So what we do is not only social distancing and wash our hands like crazy. We also started to wear cloth face masks. These masks are non-medical masks and they seem to help to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

                                              What the WHO says about wearing face masks

                                              At least that’s what the World Health Organisation says about wearing non-medical face masks in public: “…especially in settings where physical distancing of at least 1 metre is not possible – such as on public transport, in shops or in other confined or crowded environments – WHO advises governments to encourage the general public to use non-medical fabric masks.” You can read the whole Q&A text with COVID-19 recommendation on the WHO website.

                                              Make the best out of the current situation

                                              While we need to wear a face mask for a while it’s not necessary to look boring. There are so many designs and patterns available that everybody can find something nice. On Masksumo you can find fashion face masks for men, for women, and for children. Why not buy a face mask in your favorite color or a mask that fits your outfit?