Black Lives Matter Masks

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It’s time to stop racism and to stop Corona

2020…what an awful year! First Corona hit the whole world. People spent months at home in lockdown. Social distancing. Economy going down. Many People losing their jobs. Increasing poverty. More than 400.000 people died worldwide because of Covid19.

In a terrible time like this people should stand together. It’s bad enough that there is a virus outside that tries to kill us. But what happens? Even in such a time, there are racists who kill somebody just because of his skin color.

How is it possible that in the year 2020 a racist is working as a police officer who kills a man just because he’s black? Do you get that? I can’t!

Wear a Black Lives Matter Face Mask

Please! Stand up against racism. Don’t allow anybody to shut you up. No matter what your skin color is. No matter if you’re young. No matter if you’re old. No matter if you are a man, a woman, white, black, Chinese, gay. All this doesn’t matter. Racism is wrong. Do not only think that it’s wrong. Stand up for it and show that you are against racism. Because black live does matter as every other live does.

Go out and demonstrate against racism but don’t forget that Corona is still out there. Corona is still dangerous and is able to kill even more people. The WHO recommends wearing a face mask in order to protect ourselves and others.

Why not fight against Corona and racism at the same time? Wear a face mask that show everybody that black lives matter. Stop Racism and stop the Corona Virus.